AVENO is an independent lubricant brand, with a wide range of products and an optimal solution for every application. AVENO Marketing Sdn Bhd is sole importer in Malaysia. Our products are of high quality “Made in Germany” and are carefully developed to meet and exceed the requirements of recognized and regularly monitored quality standards. We offer the customer a wide range of lubricants and other products of the new generation.


We develop our technologies continually to accomplish our mission of excellent product quality. For the specific demands of modern engines we design the best lubricants on the German market. We test our oils according to quality and industry standards to be able to strain the engine permanently to its limit. The priority of our tests are to reduce the frictions and the material wear as well as the fuel consumption. In the advanced, on-site laboratory, products are carefully developed by our experts in order meeting the special requirements and needs of our clients. Our products are produced, proofed and distributed worldwide at the most modern lubricant blending facility here in Germany.


All AVENO products fulfil the national and international standards of the industry. Our highly modern machinery allows the quality of our lubricants to be constantly tested and monitored. Our products are designed for the most modern engines, which need to maintain strict low emission levels and are manufactured in our own lab using the newest technology. As a matter of course, they always have the current certification. The integrated quality management system is accredited according to the industrial standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Moreover, our laboratory is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

The quality of our products is confirmed by the international approval of the OEM. Further guarantee of our high quality claims is the fact that many of our products are listed by the API (American Petroleum Institute).

AVENO offers you an optimal solution for every application!